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Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. We at The Mlambe Project believe that the best means of aiding the Malawian people in their struggle against poverty is through the provision of sustainable livelihoods and a high quality education. We aim to achieve this through the use of low cost and high impact methods.

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Our Strategies in Detail

We’ve worked hard to transparently define our strategies on everything from operational practices to how we work with other NGOs.

Each of these outlines has a goal, key considerations, catalysts, deliverables, and future considerations. In this way, we clarify what we need to do to turn our vision into reality.

Click here to read the detailed strategy documents.

Meet the team

Geoffrey Namagowa

Building Projects Manager and TMP Malawi Treasurer

Geoffrey started working with the project back in 2012 and has been integral to developing the project and training new builders ever since. He initially trained as an earthbag building expert and was keen to share his new skills. Geoffrey now supervises and teaches the other experts in the earthbag building technique and works as the Mlambe Project treasurer in Malawi.

Jon Hassain

Chair of Trustees

Jon advises on our communication and marketing strategies after joining The Mlambe Project in 2019. Jon has managed various communication campaigns across the world, including work in Africa, North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. Jon’s work helps develop marketing and communication approaches that support Mlambe’s objectives. He was awarded an MBE for a communication campaign he managed in Europe and currently consults for various clients, including the UK Government. Jon has a long-standing interest in development, and, after an awful lot of procrastination, he is about to finish a Master’s in development management.

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Portrait of Esther Khoza (Headteacher Nkhonde School) in s light green button up shirt and a school behind her

I have to thank the staff of The Mlambe Project for working tirelessly to support Nkhonde school, and I’m looking forward to more projects.

Ester Khoza (Headteacher Nkhonde School)

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