We believe the web should be accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of the technology they are using or impairment they may have. As such, we have endeavoured to ensure the following where possible:

  • Full keyboard navigation of the site using the tab, space and enter keys with appropriate highlighting on focus
  • Meaningful text descriptions for images
  • Content organised using the correct markup
  • Suitable levels of colour contrast, especially for important information

For more information on the reasons behind these practices and on what else can be done to make the web as accessible as possible you might like to read this uxdesign article or view the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

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Portrait of Henderson Gama (Headteacher Mlambe School) wearing a dark purple button down and red tie with white background

From my experience, The Mlambe Project is providing Malawi with reliable and sustainable buildings. We all appreciate them.

Henderson Gama (Headteacher Mlambe School)

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