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The Mlambe Project covid response statement

We are living in unprecedented times. COVID-19 has changed the way the world works, are and are only just at the beginning of it.

Families and friends and businesses have been disrupted, and much is uncertain at this time. It is a great challenge for all of us to understand what is going on and how it will affect us.

As the UK economy shrinks and charitable giving turns to supporting local charities in these uncertain times, the landscape of fundraising is changing as well. All our priorities must be focussed on supporting those around us. If you are fortunate enough to have found yourself relatively unaffected, please consider standing with us and remembering the children of rural Malawi at this time.

Poor health is endemic in communities suffering from poverty, as a quarter of people in the rural Malawian communities we support are. They have no NHS, they have no food banks, their families have no income support. Their schools are closed, and they are vulnerable.

Your support is more valuable now than at any other time, and your impact could never be greater. We have suspended classroom construction at this uncertain time, but only temporarily. As soon as the situation in Malawi is clear again, we want to be ready to spring into action and keep increasing access to quality education. But by supporting us now, we can have all the funds in place to start building classrooms and employing families the moment restrictions are lifted.

Thank you for your consideration in these challenging times.

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Supporters of The Mlambe Project, if you support The Mlambe Project you are bringing high-quality education to Malawi. Keep it up!

Taitus Chanza (Parent Representative)

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