They came, they saw, and they moved until they could move no more!

Team 7,302 did it! They ran, trekked, and cycled the distance from the UK to Malawi (assuming pesky oceans didn’t exist). Some of our volunteers covered over a thousand miles, whilst others put in hundreds of hours of effort. To our volunteers and those that donated, thank you!

The movers and shakers

Through all this physical exertion, not only did we cover 7,904 miles (more than we had planned), but we raised £8,248 in the process. These funds will go towards various key projects and support us through unpredictable COVID times that lay ahead. One of the projects that will benefit from this incredible result is our Doubling Schools Project.

The Doubling Schools project will aim to do what it says on the tin – work with two new communities and double the number of school communities we support. With Coronavirus seeing an impact on school retention rates in Malawi, it’s important to ensure that access to education continues to be accessible. Through the Doubling Schools Project we aim to benefit over six thousand students across the next 25 years within these new communities. This will be done by achieving certain objectives;

  • Building 240 primary schools alongside local communities (you can read about the benefits of indoor learning here)

  • Providing years of employment and skill development for local families during these builds

  • Creating school toilet access for 403 children, which is particularly important for girls’ health and attendance

  • The establishment of a Teacher Development Center. This will benefit thirteen adjoining primary schools and increase the quality of teacher training available

The funds we have raised will also go towards our Nursery Feeding Programme. Children who attend the Mlambe Nursery receive one free meal upon arrival. However, once the pandemic reached Malawi, the Mlambe Nursery closed. This was done out of safety for the local community, but as a result, the meals also stopped. With 70% of the population already living below the poverty line (and Coronavirus increasing unemployment), the free meals were something we decided to continue to provide.

With safety measures put in place, the programme at the nursery was altered so that the children could arrive once a day for their meal. Being able to continue the provision of meals has been made possible through this fundraiser. The children have also set an incredible example of social distancing! You can read more about the Nursery Feeding Programme here.

Children lining up for their meals, two meters apart

Simply put – without the support of our donors, Mlambe would not exist. The sustainable work that we continue to do is all made possible through donations. The impact of Coronavirus on small charities has been massive: nearly 1 in 5 small UK charities expect to close within 6 months. Being able to continue with these projects is a massive testament to the wonderful community in which we belong. May we continue to rack up our mileage and ensure that education is available to all!

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Portrait of Stella Ziyadi (Headteacher Nankhono School) wearing a yellow button up shirt and a school in the background

Thanks to the donors who keep on supporting The Mlambe Project. You are doing tremendous work for Malawi.

Stella Ziyadi (Headteacher Nankhono School)

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