Building Malawi

At The Mlambe Project, one of our main objectives at the moment is to facilitate the Malawian side of the charity to be a successful and profitable social enterprise in its own right.

We want our community of experts and project managers, who have all learnt loads of new skills since being in the team, to be able to support themselves in the future. If you speak to our Malawian team, you will hear them all say how being part of the project has increased their financial sustainability and given them much better job prospects. This is at the core of what we do, and we really want to continue helping the community in this way, by allowing them to not just build at Mlambe, but all over the country (and who knows where else!)

Building Malawi is our first external building contract, and we are really excited and pleased. The contract is to build an Earthbag school block in Lilongwe, and it just so happens to be our biggest Earthbag building to date. If you want to find out more about Earthbags and their benefits, you can read all about them here.

We currently have our two project managers, Steven and Geoffrey working alternately in Lilongwe. Alongside them, we’ve got four of our experts. All of them are working incredibly hard, and as you can see, the progress is looking amazing.
Who knows where the team will be building next, but the future is looking bright!