Changu Changu Moto Stoves Update

Back in May, Lucy and our volunteer Chelsea visited Ripple Africa in Mwaya, Nkhata Bay District to find out all about their Changu Changu Moto fuel-efficient stoves. Changu Changu Moto in Chichewa means: fast fast fire. These are fuel-efficient cookstoves made from mud bricks and a mud mortar mix.

Just some benefits of these stoves are that they reduce wood use, are made from free materials and reduce the risk of injuries!

Since May we have been planning out how to get everyone in Chikolongo fitted with a Changu Changu Moto Stove. These past few weeks this has finally become a reality!
Last week, a girl called Mercy from Ripple Africa travelled all the way from Nkhata Bay (it’s really far) to build a few stoves to  be ready for demonstration, since they take 5 days to dry and be ready for use.

Just some benefits of these stoves are that they reduce wood use, are made from free materials and reduce the risk of injuries!

This weekend Force from Ripple Africa came and spoke about the importance of preserving natural resources and deforestation (the stoves use 2/3 less fire wood). He also did a cooking demonstration to show how much faster the stoves are than the traditional 3 stone fires, and how much less wood they use.

We are so grateful to Mercy and Force for their help; as we are too far south to be in Ripple’s catchment area, they are both doing it out of the goodness of their own hearts. All of the community loved the day- especially the cooking competition!

The stove project is the main aim of our Innovation and Development Director Dave’s visit. Since setting up the innovation team, it is our first new innovation. It is a perfect initial innovation because it is essentially low cost and high impact.
Since the stoves are made out of natural and locally available resources, costs are absolutely minimal. There is also the potential for huge impact for every family in Chikilongo, because they can spend less time collecting fire wood and less time cooking! They are also better for your health as they produce much less smoke and are much less likely to result in burns.

We have arranged for the chiefs to select 24 women from the village to be ‘stove ambassadors’. They joined the stove day on Saturday along with lots of people from the community. This week, Dave will be building each ambassador a stove with their help so that they learn how to build them. He will also explain how to correctly use and maintain them.

Then at the end of this month, the women are going to build stoves for every family in the village. They are going to work in pairs, building 8 fuel-efficient stoves a day. This will mean a massive 384 stoves built!
We will maintain contact with everyone in use of a stove, making sure we check people are using them properly.
This is an incredibly exciting innovation for The Mlambe Project. Stay tuned for updates!
You can read all about these amazing stoves here: