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Help The Mlambe Project get children in Malawi’s poorest regions into classrooms.

Only 66 per cent of the population are literate, and only half of all students finish primary school. A lack of school infrastructure is a significant barrier to improving learning outcomes. UNICEF estimates Malawi needs an additional 36,000 primary school classrooms. This figure is equivalent to 2.16 million children every day that won't learn in a schoolroom.

In 2020, the Malawi central government allocated ZERO dollars for primary school classroom construction.

Your donation will help The Mlambe Project support more schools in need of quality school blocks, homes for teachers, and clean toilets. We can pass on better building skills to the people in the communities we visit. We can provide paid employment opportunities.

Whether you decide to donate just once or every month, your gift will forever change the lives of hundreds of children.

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Since The Mlambe Project began our work in rural Balaka District, Malawi, in 2012, we have:

  1. Built high-quality school blocks, teachers’ houses, and toilet blocks
  2. Increased enrolment in all schools
  3. Reduced the student drop-out rate
  4. Provided shelter from adverse weather
  5. Dismantled barriers to education for children

Our Strategies in Detail

We’ve worked hard to transparently define our strategies on everything from operational practices to how we work with other NGOs.

Each of these outlines has a goal, key considerations, catalysts, deliverables, and future considerations. In this way, we clarify what we need to do to turn our vision into reality.

Click here to read the detailed strategy documents.

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Portrait of Jim Bokosi (Chief) (Village Headman) sitting in a green chair wearing a blue long sleeve button down

Pupils are learning in classrooms. There is increased enrollment. Before, pupils were not going to school because they were afraid of the heavy rains, winds, and sunshine.

Jim Bokosi (Chief) (Village Headman)

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