We believe that everyone, no matter their background, should have access to high-quality education.

Education areas:

Distance Learning

Distance learning allows students to learn remotely and not be stopped by financial barriers. We aim to provide resources so that secondary and university students can access distance learning programmes.


In western societies, computers are increasingly seen as a necessity as opposed to a luxury. In Malawi, this could not be further from the truth. We hope to start changing this computing paradigm.

Internet Access

We aim to provide Internet access to The Mlambe School. We believe this can improve education exponentially.  


What We Have Achieved:

University of the People

University of the People allows every qualified student to access tuition-free, higher education, regardless of what they earn, where they live, or what obstacles they face in society.

Students can listen to lecturers of established universities such as Oxford, Harvard and Columbia, from anywhere in the world, without a Broadband connection.

What Our Students Say

“I love and am one of the happiest person to be part of the project. The project has done a lot to me. My dreams of attaining a higher school were shattered due to financial constraints, but the Mlambe project opened up my future and now I have hope for a better future and this is a thing I will not forget in my life.”
John Bamusi, University of the People