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The Mlambe Project serves impoverished communities in rural Malawi. Our core area of operation is the Nkhonde Zone within the Balaka District in Malawi's southern region. Balaka District has a population of 310,000 and is mostly rural. 57 per cent of people in rural Malawi live in poverty.

Who we support

TMP indirectly supports the 10,762 children–5,278 boys and 5,484 girls–currently enrolled in 13 primary schools across the Nkhonde Zone. We directly support 1,536 of these children and their families across two schools. We plan to expand support to 4,286 children in two or more other Nkhonde Zone schools over the next five years. This expansion will extend our reach to nearly 40 per cent of our Stage 1 target.

We have sourced our data directly from the government and local communities, working closely with local stakeholders, headteachers, and village chiefs.

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Portrait of Esther Khoza (Headteacher Nkhonde School) in s light green button up shirt and a school behind her

The Mlambe Project does a good job to support the Ministry of Education while helping Malawi children to get a good education under favourable conditions in a classroom.

Ester Khoza (Headteacher Nkhonde School)

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