As a hugely successful 2017 draws to a close, our Treasurer and Assistant Project Manager, Geoffrey Namagowa, has taken the time to reflect on our achievements over the past year as well as some of our exciting plans for the year ahead:

“We are very happy and proud of our two new buildings at Mlambe School. We have built a new school block to add to the prior three which means that children no longer have to travel long distances to go to another school. We now have a new school and have opened standard seven and next year we will open standard 8! We have built a new teachers office which is our best earth-bag building yet because we have developed a new design. Every building keeps getting better as we keep learning and developing our skills. It looks very smart and is the first good teachers’ office in the Nkhonde zone! In 2017, we also had our first external earth-bag building project in Lilongwe in partnership with Build Malawi and the Chigoli football academy. It is our first earth-bag school building and the biggest building we have built.

I have really enjoyed welcoming all the visitors and volunteers who have come to The Mlambe Project this year. They have not only made huge contributions to the project itself but have helped our team members expand their skillsets. Many more people than before have come to visit our project this year which is a sign to me that we are doing good work. We want to call lots of volunteers to come and be with us, it is very helpful. Having Lucy (CEO) move to Malawi has been a great addition to how we operate. Our work is quicker and more efficient as she can oversee projects and engage with project in person. With Lucy, we have visited other projects and learned about other NGOs and social enterpises which has enabled us to knowledge share more effectively.”