Sustainable Development

The Mlambe Project established its core capabilities in Malawi since its founding in 2018. From the construction of school buildings to community liaison, every project we undertake and every initiative we develop builds on that experience.

No matter what we’re doing, maintaining close relationships with local communities is the foundation of our work.

Sustainable construction

Our core capability is construction. It is what we have done since the very beginning.

We build to a very high standard, both in terms of the completed structure and the pioneering use of low environmental impact building techniques. Our methods are on par with or less expensive than more environmentally damaging techniques.

To meet our vision, we will maintain close relationships with the communities in which we have built. We will advise or support as needed.

Investment in quality education

The Mlambe Project serves remote communities that the underpowered educational development sector in Malawi often cannot reach.

We recognise that school construction is only useful when communities use the buildings we build. Before we start a building project, we make sure that complementary services are in place.

For example, we understand the need to gain recognised schooling qualifications. To date, TMP has supported the University of the People (a tuition-free, American-accredited tertiary distance learning platform), a nursery feeding programme, and a solar-powered computer lab for accessing distant learning.

The vast majority of funds help people teach better, rather than constructing buildings to teach in. In the future, we would like to focus on what we do best, construction, and partner with another organisation that would champion the schools’ qualitative development. We see this as the best way forward for improving education.

This approach fulfils the request for NGO support in the Malawi Government’s Inclusive Education Strategy 2017-22. It also mimics successful real-world examples, such as the World Bank partnership with the Government of Madagascar.

As we and our partnerships grow, we’ll be able to reduce our scope to construction–all the while remaining 100 percent confident that the investment and resources have the maximum impact.

Working in the right places

We pay a lot of attention to working with the right people in the right places. The Mlambe Project exists to build good relationships, not complete transactions.

Unlike a lot of NGOs, we work in some of the most rural and hard-to-reach places. As a charity, it would be all too easy to work in urban and peri-urban areas. But that’s not where the genuine need is.

Work begins many months before the first spade digs into the earth. We work closely with the school teachers, headteachers, PTA, local government, and village chiefs to build a solid foundation of need and a strong working relationship.

We only go ahead with construction when we are confident that the buildings will be owned and cared for by the people the buildings aim to serve.

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Portrait of Chief Chikolongo (Vilage Headman Mlambe School) wearing a bright blue button down and a thin black cap on his head

Every year we were busy building temporary shelters for our pupils to learn in, but now we are not building temporary shelters at all.

Chief Chikolongo (Village Headman Mlambe School)

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