The Mlambe Project is a UK-registered charity working in partnership with the Malawian NGO of the same name.

About Us

We work in close collaboration with local communities, government, and businesses to improve school learning outcomes and support community development in rural areas of greatest need. This work, such as school buildings, is owned by the local education department on completion.


We partner with communities for the long term. Our help stays relevant as their opportunities grow and needs change.

Through our work we:

  • Increase access to education
  • Improve gender equality
  • Improve student-teacher classroom ratios
  • Raise aspirations
  • Create long-term local employment
  • Promote sustainable and quality building methods that endure

We also partner with other NGOs to ensure unified, cost-effective approaches that deliver better outcomes than working alone ever could.

What we do

The work of The Mlambe Project is transforming the lives of marginalised children in rural Malawi. We enable equal opportunity for all children and young people across Malawi by co-developing and sustaining model schools. These facilities are learning-resource rich, community-owned, and environmentally considerate. The local community, government, and NGO partners all work together in their creation.

We help address the significant problems of:

  • Insufficient numbers of classrooms
  • Inadequately used existing school resources
  • Ensuring that children have a school building
  • Ensuring schooling leads to better opportunities for girls and boys

How we do it

Maximising Resources

We do this by building classrooms, teachers' houses (a government requirement in the Malawian school system), and other school infrastructure such as toilet blocks. We use long-lasting and environmentally sustainable build methods developed by TMP. These methods maximise locally available materials and workforce. We work closely with local school communities to create better learning outcomes in their schools. We support additional programmes as needed.

Building Leaders

TMP also identifies and supports national talent. We support the development of local community members, ensuring they can build and maintain their schools. For example, the leaders and directors of The Mlambe Project Limited, our sister organisation in Malawi, are from Chikolongo. We support school leadership, parent-teacher associations, the village chiefs, and other local governance systems to develop quality schools and facilitate better learning outcomes.

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Portrait of Patrick Muyaya (Deputy Headteacher Nkhonde School) in a white button down and a red tie

The Mlambe project is providing resources needed by the community. The work is very helpful and should not stop but continue, since the work is very important.

Patrick Muyaya (Deputy Headteacher Nkhonde School)

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