Trivial Purs-Hoot-ing

We on the UK side of The Mlambe Project have been extremely busy this past month ramping up our fundraising initiatives. The current drive to raise enough money for a new school block is well underway so we thought we would share with you some news on what’s been going on.

Most recently, we returned to one of our favourite initiatives with the famous Mlambe Comedy. Our incredible line-up including Dalisa Chaponda, Nathan Caton and Steve Day had everyone in stitches. More than that, we raised £600 with 70 tickets sold. Thanks to everyone who came down for that one.

Our wonderful Australian volunteer Chelsea Anne Bray also organised a trivia night for us earlier on in March. Chelsea will be heading out to the village this year and is aiming to singlehandedly fund a new teacher’s house! So far she’s raised a whopping £2,588 – 47% of her target. Of that over £950 was came at the trivia night so another huge thank you to everyone that took part.

You can read more about our fundraising drive here, or if you’d like to contribute, please check out our BT donation page.