Vision, Mission, Values


Every child in Malawi enjoys a meaningful education.

Our Mission

To collaborate with local communities, government, and other partners to establish Good School Ecosystems that deliver healthy learning outcomes for rural Malawi.

Our Values

Local Ownership

Everything that can be done locally will be done locally. We will identify and support national success, not import international action.

Strength in Partnerships

We will actively seek and work with like-minded partners to deliver our vision of Good School Ecosystems. To us, success doesn't mean competing to be the best. It means partnering to contribute even more to those who matter most-the children.

Sustainable Action

We will be environmentally safe, economically sound and and socially enduring.

Transparent Practice

We will work transparently, openly and inclusively.

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Portrait of Chief Chikolongo (Vilage Headman Mlambe School) wearing a bright blue button down and a thin black cap on his head

Wonderful work! Strong and reliable, as well as sustainable.

Chief Chikolongo (Village Headman Mlambe School)

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