Welcome Innovators! Say ‘hi’ to Lynda and Kat

As our force of volunteers keeps expanding we wanted to say a warm welcome to our new Innovation officers, Lynda Sharkey and Kat Cosgrove.

We first caught up with Lynda, who told us a bit about her background and her life in Spain: “I managed to escape the corporate world where, for over 15 years, I made maps, taught people how to use civil engineering software, and created software to help design sustainable cities.

“Now I live in Spain, running a motorcycle rental business with my husband, and I’m incredibly excited about working with the Mlambe Project.

“Having grown up in South Africa, and worked with many South African municipalities, I am very aware of the challenges that many informal rural settlements face. I look forward to researching more innovations that focus on solving water and wastewater issues for the village.

When I’m not teaching English to Chinese children, or working on water challenges, you can find me whizzing around Spain on the back of a motorcycle – mainly because when I ride them myself, I’m very prone to falling off.”

Then when we chatted to Kat, she told us how she got the bug for East Africa and what she’s looking forward to: “Having recently visited Tanzania for a work experience placement I’ve completely fallen for East Africa. I’m super excited to work with The Mlambe Project and learn more about Malawi.

“I am an Anthropology graduate of the University of Sussex just breaking into the community development sector,I’m very looking forward to getting some experience under my belt and I’m very willing to learn. After seeing how much potential there is for positive change for rural communities I’m really keen to find some great sustainable innovations with the new team.”