Founded in 2013, The Mlambe Project registered as a local NGO in November 2014 during Saalim Kumar and Lucy Ifould’s first trip to Malawi. Following the establishment of this entity in Malawi, we achieved charitable status in the UK in February 2015. These remain significant landmarks in our journey and sparked the formalisation of The Mlambe Project as we grew and evolved into a fully fledged organisation with greater accountability and transparency.

Our Trustees

Trustees have traditionally been very much active throughout this journey, as we have led the charity to our current phase. Alongside the executive responsibilities that we have managed, we also meet quarterly in order to discuss the strategic direction of the organisation, compliance to relevant regulation, finances and all other issues pertaining to the good health of The Mlambe Project. 

The day to day management of the charity is now delegated to our Chief Executive, Anna Day, who is our first UK CEO, prior to which Lucy Ifould had held the position.

I’m honoured to be a in a position to steer this growth

Saalim Koomar – Chairman of Trustees

It’s an exciting time for us as we’re also expanding the board and hiring new specialists in various areas where we’ve outlined some skills gaps with, of course, all this meaning that we are better placed to deliver impact for the communities that we partner with in Malawi.

We have grown organically over the past six years, and feels like the next step in our journey is around the corner and I’m honoured to be in a position to steer this growth whilst remaining true to our endogenously-focused, participatory approach with the firm belief that true sustainability can only occur through locally-driven development.

You can see more about us in our team section, and we currently have vacancies on the board for a Treasurer.