The UK Team

Ed Forrest

Ed Forrest

Chief Executive Officer

Charlie Bowles

Director of Building

Charlie is a chartered structural engineer with 5 years experience working as a consultant on a mix of project sizes in London and has worked with The Mlambe Project for 4 years as building project manager. I’m this role Charlie uses his skills in structural design, technical drawing and construction project management to oversee The Mlambe Project sites remotely and on the ground. Charlie has seen the impact that well constructed homes and buildings can have on Malawian communities as in impassioned to use his skills to help provide more of them.

Dave Yates

Director of Innovation and Charity Development

Dave Yates has been working with the Mlambe Project for 3 years as Director of Innovation and Charity Development. An award-winning Master of Physics graduate and software developer, Dave has been teaching English in Taiwan for the last 18 months. Dave has practical and thoughtful research and problem-solving skills which he utilises on the education, permaculture and stove projects for the charity. Dave is committed to the Mlambe Project because of it’s young, passionate and driven team working to sustainably improve the lives of the inspirational people of Malawi.

Lucy Ifould

Country Advisor

Lucy has worked with The Mlambe Project for nearly 5 years in a number of capacities. Initially she came to Malawi as a volunteer in 2014 and became passionate about the organisation from her time spent in the community. After returning to the UK she stayed actively involved as a trustee, before moving out to Malawi as Chief Executive at the start of 2016 which she continued until September 2018. Lucy continues to live in Malawi now working for a different organisation and still supports The Mlambe Project as in-country advisor.

Magnus Karnehm

Strategic Advisor

Magnus has worked with The Mlambe Project since 2015 within the University Programme and more recently, also as a Strategic Advisor. Magnus has worked for leading professional services firms Goldman Sachs (2014) and McKinsey (2016-2018), and is now working as an Early Stage Venture Capital Investor. His previous experiences include supporting the turnaround of a diamond mine in Africa, crafting the strategy for a Swiss bank in weekly sprints with the CEO, and immersing into the local Malawian culture when volunteering with the Mlambe Project in late 2015. Ever since Magnus joined the Mlambe team, he has been eager to apply his expertise in hands-on problem solving and strategic thinking to get initiatives off the ground, and help anchor them in the broader Mlambe framework. He remains personally committed to the University Programme that he helped establish, and has been instrumental in supporting the Executive Team on Strategic Planning and Organisational Topics.

Lynda Sharkey

Innovation and Charity Development Research Analyst

Lynda has worked with The Mlambe Project for 2 years as part of the Innovation Team. Lynda has worked for technology companies such as Esri and Autodesk as a technical specialist, and for nearly 20 years has concentrated on the GIS, infrastructure, urban planning and sustainable development sectors, in the UK, Europe and the USA.Lynda started her career working with local governments responsible for disadvantaged communities in South Africa, and works for The Mlambe Project because she believes that using technology to educate and empower people one small step at a time, can add up to huge benefits not only for the community itself, but for those around it as well.

Kat Cosgrove

Innovation Researcher

Kat is a research analyst for the innovation team and has been volunteering with The Mlambe Project since 2017. Kat assists the Innovation team to research new innovations and projects, investigating how these can be achieved. Working in the development sector for a number of years, Kat has a background in social development and education projects having worked with a social enterprise in Tanzania focused on opportunities for rural women.

Muna Hussen

Head of Communications and Marketing

Muna volunteers for the Mlambe Project as the Charity’s Head of Communications and Marketing, and joined the team in August 2019. She brings a wealth of experience in the private and non-profit and is especially excited to bring to life the amazing work being done by the Charity’s in-country members and staff.

Our Trustees

Saalim Koomar

Chairman of Trustees

Saalim has been involved with the Mlambe Project since May 2014, initially joining the team as Technical Programmes Manager where he launched the charity’s education programme to sit alongside Mlambe’s sustainable building work. Saalim is a qualified teacher and wished to leverage the skills he has learnt in UK inner-city classrooms and adapt these to suit the Malawian context. He first visited Chikolongo in September 2014 and has since been back regularly, spending considerable time living in the village and establishing good relationships with the Malawi team and wider community. As an early trustee, Saalim transitioned to his current Chair role in July 2017 and has placed a focus on steering the growth and longer-term strategic outlook of the charity whilst retaining the core facets which Mlambe special – most notably our genuine community-oriented approach to addressing development needs using endogenous solutions. Saalim has recently started working for a UK charity, with a specific focus on governance and risk management which, we hope, will translate into a greater awareness of the risks present to us an organisation and, as such, how we respond and mitigate these risks to ensure we maintain our level of impact in Malawi.

Andrew Proctor


Andy has been a Trustee of the Mlambe Project since the early days of the charity. He has worked in the voluntary sector for over 15 years, including holding senior roles at Alzheimer’s Society and Asthma UK, and is currently Chief Executive of the National Eczema Society. Andy has a long-standing interest in sustainable development, having first studied the subject at university and then later worked at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex for several years. Andy provides governance and strategic support for the Mlambe Project, and has visited Malawi to see the charity’s work first-hand. He is inspired by the many volunteers who give their energy to The Mlambe Project so willingly, and by the transformational work the charity has already achieved with limited resources. Andy is excited by the charity’s ambitious plans, which will see so many more children and communities benefit from a brighter future.

Jon Hassain MBE

Jon joined Mlambe’s Trustee Board in 2019 and advises on our communication and marketing strategies. Jon has managed a variety of communication campaigns across the world, including work in Africa, North America, Europe and the Caribbean. Jon’s work involves helping develop marketing and communication approaches that support Mlambe’s objectives. He was recently awarded an MBE for a communication campaign he managed in Europe, and currently consults for a variety of clients, including the UK Government. Jon has a long-standing interest in development and (after an awful lot of procrastination) he is about to finish a Master’s in development Management. He hopes to put this to good use with Mlambe.


Stephen Kambalame

Building Projects Manager

Steven’s tough childhood, which included running 40 kilometres every day to school, is one of the main reasons that he has put his heart and soul into the project so far. He believes that children should have easy access to education, without huge distances to travel. Previously a conventional builder, Steven was keen to learn about Earthbag building and teach others. He has thoroughly enjoyed working with volunteers from the UK and believes that the project has a lot of potential to change educational infrastructure in Malawi.