At The Mlambe Project we are always delighted to hear from people who would like to fundraise for our cause.

Help us fundraise

As a small international development charity largely run by UK volunteers, except for a part time paid CEO, as much of our funding goes to Malawi as possible to maximise our impact in the Balaka and Mangotchi Districts of Malawi.

We are constantly recruiting volunteer fundraisers for challenge events, as well as working closely with corporates to plan fundraising challenges for their teams. From cake sales, to music concerts, if you are planning on organising an event in aid of charity, you’ll have full support of our team, and we will provide you with all the help you need.

We have corporate partnerships with a range of major companies, like UBS & The Bottletop Foundation, Capital Group and Charity Jobs. We are supremely proud to be able to work in partnership with these companies to support development in Malawi.

Events we are currently recruiting for

We are recruiting for a range of challenges, please contact to find an event in your area.