At Mlambe we believe that innovation is the key to realising the greatest impact at the lowest cost. For large changes to take place projects must be effective, relevant and popular in the community.

To achieve this we borrow from practices pioneered in the software industry and take a test-iterate approach. Instead of planning large, complex projects only to find they don’t work or circumstances have changed we aim to design and implement small and meaningful pilots before adapting and expanding to larger scales if successful. This way we can adapt to changing needs, make the community an integral part of the design process and save valuable time and money.

With this ethos we select only low-cost, high-impact innovations with the potential to scale and grow to reach more and more people.

Our innovations so far: the Earthbag building technique, building with stabilised soil blocks (SSB), the fuel efficient cook stove, distance learning through the University of the People and compost toilets.