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We are a small, progressive and mobile charity, dedicated to supporting communities in one of the world's most impoverished countries.

The Mlambe Project


Malawi is the most impoverished country in the world. We at The Mlambe Project believe that the best means of aiding the Malawian people in their struggle against poverty is through the provision of sustainable livelihoods and a high quality education. We aim to achieve this through the use of low cost and high impact methods.

Urgent: Our COVID-19 response

As the UK economy shrinks and charitable giving turns to supporting local charities in these uncertain times, please stand with us and remember the children of rural Malawi. They have no NHS, they have no food banks, their families - of whom a quarter live in extreme poverty - have no income support. Their schools are closed, and they are vulnerable.

Your support is more valuable now than at any other time, and your impact could never be greater. We have suspended classroom construction at this uncertain time, but only temporarily. As soon as the situation in Malawi is clear again, we want to be ready to spring into action and keep increasing access to quality education. But by supporting us now, we can have all the funds in place to start building classrooms and employing families the moment restrictions are lifted.

Thank you for your consideration in these challenging times.

Help us through this challenge

How do we achieve our mission?

By promoting the use of alternative building methods across Malawi.

By developing and implementing new educational methods.

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The Mlambe Project is an international development organisation focused on development in rural Malawi through education, innovation, and sustainable building.

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